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This course lectures never cease to capture my interest. Each week was exhilarating! The lectures would keep you on your feet and the case study would keep your mind running wild whilst they direct you to critical thinking and evidence-based investigation. It was truly enjoyable, compelling, thought-provoking and well-structured. Thank you MATSHALL ACADEMY

Tom Clark

I am looking forward to learning more about forensic science in criminology in the field in Matshall Academy. The lectures has been deep and revealing so far.

Mustapha Gambo

Hello, my name is Manuel, and I live in the United States. I hold an A.S. in Law Enforcement, am a graduate of a regional police academy (former police officer), and am in the final year of my B.S. in Criminal Justice. I am looking forward to learning more about the field in Matshall Academy. The lectures has been deep and revealing so far.

Sarah dada 

For the first time I just feel like a criminologist. I am presently watching a seasonal film which I just got to season 26 and still continuing. What this film is all about is crime investigation, undercover, the cop running to the crime scene, tapping round the crime scene to set barricades and looking for the cause of the crime, using CCTV to identify a criminal, using cartography to identify the face of a criminal and sort, and I have always been imagining how this was done and perfect, but with this online lecture, I feel blessed. Thanks for doing this. God bless you

Benedicata chika

Hello, I’m Muhammad Umar Farooq from Pakistan. I’ve completed my BS Hons in Chemistry with Analytical as a major. My area of interest is Forensic Chemistry. This online weekly lectures by MATSHALL ACADEMY helps me a lot, to go deeper in Forensic science knowledge

Umar Farooq


Hello. This is Heena from India and I am a Post graduate student. I would like to make my career in forensics; thereby I am engaging myself with these types of online lectures. It has been helpful so far in developing my knowledge and insights in this area.



from India


Hello, I am Sahana , I am a 10th grade student ,and I personally feel forensics and investigation is very fascinating and I desire to learn at the very start of my developing interest towards this science.

It would never be any waste of time in learning new stuff which we feel are not useful. Knowledge is something which has a beginning but literally has no end. So I feel learning atleast what u have building or growing interest in, feed it with knowledge.

Sahana, from Dubai


Sahana, from Dubai

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