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Animated cartoon Course videos are now available to ease your study in NOUN.

Animated Course Tutorial Videos are now available for all your Subjects and Courses to aid your study and understanding of the course materials.


The Animated course videos broke down your course contents in simple primary school English from start to finish, using Cartoon format; which helps you easily understand your course contents and remember in exam hall.  You can also watch it while in A bus, or waiting at a place.


You can buy yours, and start watching it alongside your normal course materials, it helps you understand more about what you are reading in the units. 


The animated videos are created in form of cartoon, which makes course units easy for even a 5-year-old child.

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You will gain strong understanding of even the most difficult units in your courses. Thanks to the experts  that produced it.

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The animated videos are effective and interactive and well-structured and presented. Just get it and play it on DVD player, laptop, Tablets or your phones.


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What you get after purchase:

  1. Many FPS Animated/cartoon NOUN videos study packs for each of your courses.

  2. Complete and simplified Physical Course videos for home study.

  3. Assignment/Quizzes scripts to aid your understanding.

  4. Personal Lecturer/Teacher/professor for one on one discussion for better understanding.

  5. 24/hours support for slow learners.

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    Note: The animated NOUN DVDs, are for all Courses; but only available for 100 level first and second semesters courses and students; All departments.  This is a solution to ALL your Examination stress, struggle no more.


    MATSHALL ACADEMY is a 24-7, one-stop learning company that creates/builds simplified cartoon and animated Learning contents for universities and schools.


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I have always found it difficult to understand my NOUN course materials from 100 level. Due to how the course materials are full of grammar, written by professors. When I got to know about Matshall Academy. The materials became fun to read and easy to remember in the exam hall. I love the video and audios parts of the online lecture. That one works for me so much

sarah dada

Lagos Noun student

I was overwhelmed with how amazing my first 6 months of online lecture with Matshall academy have been. The teaching is incredible, the tutors do what they say, and they would do, on time with expertise and kindness, helpfulness and supportive.

Benedicta chika, NOUN



beyelsa study centre NOUN

“Apart from the online lecture, I love the high quality videos, they use in explaining course units and showing us real life examples that just sticks to your head and makes you remember things in exam. As a visual learner, it has really helped me a lot. Matshall academy is the best platform for open university lesson/tutorial”


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