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Fundermentals of Modern criminology Certificate 1

For beginners of Criminology and Forensic science   

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This fundamentals of modern criminology virtual practical online course level 1 covers the basic canons of criminology for a starter, and as a crash course for beginners and old graduates of criminology, criminal justice and law, who wants to know what has changed in modern criminology practice.

The course captures the fundamental practical principles underlying the work of a criminologist; which is well laid out in animated and simplified formats. The course lectures and materials have been carefully developed to cover every key basic practical aspect of criminology, in a simple, easy, flexible, and interesting manner.  covering every gap and aspects in the Basic field of criminology. It has been designed to deeply take students step by step through real world knowledge, examples of case reports, desk reference for field professionals on practical criminology and investigative process, solving real crime through an honest understanding of the nature and behavior of criminals.

It approaches each criminal incident as its own universe of behaviors and relationships. Throughout the course, the facilitators illustrate and emphasizes the most crucial basic tenet that any good criminologist should adhere to. This course lectures will appeal to both beginners, professionals and students in criminal justice, criminology, Law, Forensic science, and security management. as well as those taking courses in law enforcement, security studies and others.




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Advanced mordern criminology Level III


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